Upper west Branch Penobscot River, Maine

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finally just posted the last of september tripping the Nob. What a beautiful place!



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Nice stuff, pictures et al.
Looks like we paddle some of the same waters.
Paddled the west Branch into Chesuncook in Oct, with a fellow from Quebec, nice and 2nd year in a row for me on Chesuncook and still more to see up there next year. Water gets a bit rowdy there from time to time.
Paddle Parker River, Plum Island Sound often, Essex Bay as well.

Always nice to paddle the circumnavigation of Plum Island or Cranes Beach depending on tides and energy, but have never tried it in a canoe.

Just started thinking about pack rafting, so we can get on the water from time to time on a long road trip.
Looks like fun.

Can be a nice overnighter
With the West Branch in flood, two years ago we covered the 45 miles from Sebomook Roll Dam to Rip Dam in 13 hours.(couldnt launch from Lobster Stream access due to debris jammed against the bridge) and a ripping 3 mph current going down to Lobster.

Nice overnight trip. Its close to my home so we do it every year. Most years we get dope slapped on Chesuncook and this year was no exception.

Visited for the 1st time this September
and I’ll be back this late summer (hopefully after the blackflies…skeeters we can deal with) with another group of friends who would really appreciate a Lobster Lake to Chesuncook trip.

I’ve enjoyed your pics and ramblings, reeock.


this time go down Chesnucook
the east side is wonderful…and take out at Rip Dam or Allagash Gateway.

Great read.
Beautiful place that I do not visit nearly enough.

You capture what it is like to slow down and smell the proverbial roses.

Spent a little time on Lobster Lake last year. The place is good for the soul. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXU8WdrJ2vY

beautiful vid
the music hardly matches the serenity of the place. The loons at the beinning I totally remember making their presence known. Lobster Lake is great. Wish we soent more than two nights there.



loons don’t slap tails.

There was a family of beaver working as a greeting committee early in the morning. At least half a dozen of them, mostly juveniles.

Youtube music selection is terrible but I get what I pay for. :slight_smile: The audio from my cheap cameras is worse than youtube’s music.

the parker
spidersplash - the parker and ipswich are great. they are local for me so I have packrafted on both. if you scroll down enough on my blog there are pics. Ive never done the cirumnavigation in one though, hmm cant wait for ice out.



shit, i thought, what sounds like a squeeking door or something at the beginning was the cry of loons, excuse my retard-ery.

you are invited
to my house. We have to yell at the loons to SHUT UP when they have to iron territorial differences when the ice goes out.

They make a heck of a noise at 11:45 PM each day after ice out on our bay. Thats cause most of the lake is not ice free. Their range of motion is limited and boy are they irritable.