Upper Wisconsin River

I want to canoe the Upper Wisconsin River starting in Lac Vieux Desert. A long weekend trip. I haven’t found much information on that section. Any thoughts/comments?

I will be
watching this thread. Sounds interesting. I live in central Wisconsin and am purchasing my first kayak this spring. Looking for some ideas on overnighters. I hope someone here has some info…

A Good Book
Get a copy of Mike Svob’s “Paddling Northern Wisconsin”:


I don’t have my copy handy, but I seem to recall him writing that the upper 40 miles or so were quite narrow, twisty, and densely overgrown. He suggested you might spend more time bushwhacking than paddling, and stretching the definition of the term, ‘navigable’.

The first Wisconsin River trip in his book starts just below that point, with MANY sections below that.

Good luck!

I know two who paddled that area
Two local paddlers ran the whole length of the Wisconsin River a few years ago, and they did a nice presentation at our club meeting. I remember that the part of the river immediately below Lac Vieux Desert was so narrow that the branches of bushes on each bank nearly met in the middle. A photo of that stretch showed their canoe to be nearly obscured by the brush.

Upper Wisconsin
Thanks for the feedback on the Upper Wisconsin River. I’ve bush wacked enough. I’ll check out the River a bit down stream where I can keep the paddle wet.