Upstate paddle

Does anyone know of a good river that can be kayaked in 1 day, with no rapids in upstae NY? I live on Long Island. Looking for a good 1 day trip.

NY rivers
The answer must include the Hudson. Once above Poughkeepsie and Kingston, you can enjoy this big river. Tides (which can cause it to flow north) and boat traffic (including ocean going vessels) need to be considered. North of Glens Falls, the Hudson is much less traveled, quite enjoyable and except near dams has no whitewater until Hadley/Lucerne.

There are some sections of Hudson tributaries that you may be happy with including portions of Wappingers creek S. of Poughkeepsie. Some may have highly variable water levels.

N. of Albany (where I live) Fish Creek is pleasant and not rapid (except one spot). Several books (ADK East), and Quiet Water Paddling would be good to review for ideas.

want company?

Anytime you want to take your boat north give me a shout. I’m a novice who is eager to paddle as much as possible.

I live north of The City in Orange County.

paddling Upstate…
I used to paddle the upper Susquehanna frequently, as well as the Delaware, Chenango, Butternut creek, and on and on. Very pretty countryside, the only white water I found in the Adirondack Park, and you have LOTS of other options there. I miss it sometimes.

Upstate is kind of a large area, is there a spot in particular? There are many rivers to choose from, and from what I hear, lack of water should not be an issue.


Catskill paddling
I’m looking for paddling, south of Albany.

how far upstate?
Our padlling club enjoys the Susquehanna, Chenango, Tioughnioga, and the west branch of the Deleware. Right now isn’t the best time though, because of recent flooding.

Where’s that?
I don’t know these areas, using, how far are these areas from Middletown, NY?

Where in OC?
I live in Warwick.

next summer…
If you are looking for people to paddle with. I also live on Long Island and I would like to do some paddling Upstate.

– Jeremy

Hi to all you NY paddlers
I am a novice paddler from Long Island (L. Ronkonkoma) currently paddling a solo canoe. Looking to purchase my 1st kayak, paddle and camp upstate. Given the time of year I probably will not get out until Spring '07… if you LI’ers and even the OCer’s would like to plan something in the Spring - I would be all for it - either Catskills or ADK, day trip or overnighters…

Post possible get-togethers and I’ll keep an eye out for it in these forums…

Keep paddling!


Email me…

Send me an email I plan on doing a bunch of paddling both on and off the island next summer. I would like to try an overnighter in the ADK region. I’d like to do a portion of the North Forrest Canoe Trail. My wife paddles also, but she’s not big on camping any where there are no showers.

Anyone else on Long Island feel free to email me also I will put together a list.

– Jeremy

The Wallkill from New Paltz would fit the bill. You’ll see birds and stuff and places in downtown NP to pull out and eat. Railtrail to ride a bike on and the river flows north.

The Hudson too would fit the bill…