upwind sail

Any thoughts on the best upwind sail? Specifically for a Tarpon 160. Seems to be lots of downwind choices but I don’t want to be limited to just downwind or the strenuous return paddle. I know Sea Kayaker recently did a review on kayak sails but I don’t recall much upwind advice. Maybe its foolish to try and turn a kayak into a sailboat?


It’s not foolish but,
You just cannot simply buy and “upwind” sail though. Do the research. Check the archives here. Been discussed a lot over the years with all the wise-arse contributors adding their 1 cent worth. To sail to windward, you need lateral resistance. Rudder and lee board being the most common surfaces used.

Balough sells a rig. So does castle-craft. Many others. Go to yahoo. Type in kayak sail rig and check it all out. Here are a some links to get you started:




upwind is tough…
Even in a sailboat the best you can hope for is about 40 degrees off the wind direction… there is not only a huge lateral component but a heeling component that must be compensated for.

If it was considered worth it. You would see a lot more of them…

i remember a regatta
not long ago, 5-10 kn and shifty. i was sailing and my friend tena was paddling as a spectator. she watched our start, paddled upwind, and watched us round the windward mark.