upwind sailrig for Necky Tofino

seeking suggestions for anyone who has worked out an upwind sailrig on a sea kayak double, specifically a Necky Tofino.


Ed Gillette
Somewhere in California I think still.

maybe I should stick with a down wind
rig. I’m rennovating an old kevlar Tofino and it’s satisfying how solid it is, heavy too but there are no gel coat cracks in the hull for all the dragging over racks and bashing it’s gone through. After seeing so many new constructions using core materials, and their weak spots where no core meets thin glass it’s nice to work on something that’s simply solid and can bend when hit without cracking.

Most people I know use downwind sails
Try, http://www.flatearthkayaksails.com/

Good bloke and nice stuff.

What do you want from it?
If you want to sail for sailings sake an upwind rig can be a lot of fun.

I’ve never been able to sail up wind faster than I could paddle. But it sure is fun to try!

But leeboards, outriggers and tall masts are a nuisance when you are paddling. Any mast is a drag when you’re paddling into the wind.

If you want to take advantage when the wind is blowing your way and still be able to paddle when it’s not, a simple down wind rig that goes up and down from the cockpit with a minimum of fuss is the best.

Lee, you can see how stable that thing
is. You could hike out off those big coamings : )

Put what ever mast you want on it … could be a paddle shaft or a HD fishing rod … Just have it so it breaks down for quick stow.

Small hole in deck and quick pin foot is more than enough. Just reinforce the deck a tiny bit or bond on a collar.

Could mess around with small sails made with ripstop and sail tape.

Not sure how you want to set it up but its plenty roomy to do a swing CB.

Another thing to check out is the trainer kites for kiteboarding.

KayakSailor seems like a relatively new company making a collapsable upwind capable sail. It is not a huge amount of sail (which is why it doesn’t need outriggers). I would like to purchase one once I save some money. It seems reasonably priced and has great reviews:


Check out the videos… looks very appealing.

that makes sense, KISS

Up wind sail rig
If you want a simplistic upwind sail rig try getting the makers of falcon sails to send you one.

They are selling kits at a song for those who inquire until they have production all up and running.

I have one of there rigs. It weighs less than 4 pounds.

I can paddle sail up wind to within 45 degrees of straight up wind. It outperforms all rigs I have sailed with.

Go to wwww.falconsails.com

Their site is not developed yet, but if you contact them they will update you as information comes available.

video fo Flat Earth Sails
I have a short video of the brilliant Flat Earth Sails: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEBfRUXhEac

To date it’s the best sail I have used.

Relatively simple to install (compared to some systems) and extremely easy to deploy/stow.

I can sail at angles that other kayak sails can not.

For a more comprehensive article check: http://gnarlydognews.blogspot.com/2010/09/review-flat-earth-sailsa-year-later.html


upwind sail for tandem
I have used a Kayaksailor sailrig on our Kaskazi Duo tandem ( 20ft) kayak a few times and it worked great. I got the larger size sail rig, since you can reef it, and have also used it on my Kaskazi Pelican.

I am in the process of moving the sail rig mounting points forward about 6 inches. I posted some photos of it on Kayakfishinghole about 6 months ago.


Balogh is the way to go
I bought a Necky Schooner rig 15 years ago. The schooner rig was made by Balogh Sail Designs. It is the only way to go. I can sail 8 knots in 10 knot winds.