"Urgent" help needed ...

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How in the world canI ditch my job and the 50 hours a week so I can paddle LOTS MORE and still pay the bills?

I happen to be typing this from the office.

Marry well.

Hit the lottery
mega millions style.

Reduce your “bills”.

It’s too late…the die is cast

its not how much you make
its how much you spend. I know that seems silly, but if you don’t have a lot of monthly bills you don’t need to make a lot of money.

Its all about the choices we make.

Increase paddling time/decrease work
Marry for the money, or compromise and become a teacher. You’ll barely be able to pay the bills…

Be a salesman
and convince somebody at a paddle shop that your a pro.

Just quit.
That’s what I did.

When you figure out the answer to this life question please fill me in…I too am in the middle of that problem. Honestly, even if I could have a 4 day workweek and a 3 day weekend all of the time…THAT in itself would be significantly more satisfying.

…and go to paddle heaven!

Paddle At Night
Keep the job, paddle at night:)


Nursing School
I work about 37-38 hr in 3 days each week. That is full time.

Save enough
Buy necessary provisions and live off the land like the indians did.

There is life after work !
Many the day, I echoed your sentiments.

Do your time, stay healthy, bring home the bacon, pay your bills, stay honest, get off the “credit train” ASAP, and your final reward will be golden years of paddling and doing whatever else you want to do whenever you want to.

Retirement is wonderful, but you have to earn it!



What Jack said,
plus, try to live way beneath your means, so you don’t have bills weighing you down every month.

Someone said, there are two ways to have enough: get more or need less. Getting more will give you bills to pay, needing less will give you money to save.

You haven’t given us a clue as to your age or circumstances but there is some good advice in this thread. If you are young, the advice to go to nursing school is something to consider. It worked for me. Nurses earn adequate salaries these days, and your schedule can give you plenty of time off to paddle. More importantly, it is a satisfying career and you’ll actually feel you’re doing something meaningful while planning for your future freedom.

Partner with GK
He had an idea about paddling boats for people who were too busy to paddle their own. Kind of a boat-sitting business.

Get laid off and get paid by the state.
It won’t pay the bills though unless someone else in the family is working.