urination device for women kayakers?

Looking for recommendations on the female urinal options out there. I’m looking for one that is useable for peeing while in the boat-in other words, while sitting. Most that I have seen are for standing up. I’d like one that I can slip inside my drysuit zipper while I am in the boat (and put the exit end into a bottle). I have one now-a hospital type with an attachment for women but it isn’t fool proof and leaks if you use it while sitting. HELP!!!

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You just posted this cuz I actually just bought one the other day! I have one quite similar to this one here...


That's the first pic I found when I just now quickly Googled. Says "sitting" right there...But I have yet to try it...I bought it for my upcoming Allagah trip. And mainly for while in my tent since I'll only have so much for clothing and well, what if it's raining at say 2am...Or even, hey that's a walk to the outhouse and even just behind a tree, minus rain, there could be a bear! I did see the other ones with the attachment but nah...Even though this one doesn't have a top, (or does it, maybe that's what that white thing off to the side is, well mine doesn't have a top) I liked the looks of not only it's shape but opening better and esp since the opening was built in and not an attachment...But it is a better opening than those with the attachments, I think anyways and I'll just open the tent a little and pour it out. But anyhoo, again I've yet to use it but I did hold it up to me, heehee and it seems great!

Which zipper?
If you are talking about going thru a guy’s p-zip, Campmor (campmor.com) has a small device (FUD) that I have found works pretty well. Best standing, but it’ll work in other positions once you get used to it. I don’t know if there are bags that specifically go with it, but then again if you deal with that like maost guys all you need is something that’ll catch it long enough to empty into the water.

If you are talking about going thru the main zipper, the one across the chest, I don’t know of any device that’ll be reliable. So - which are you talking about?

female urination device
Yes, I am talking about going thru the lower zipper a drysuit or in warmer conditions, just into shorts or a layer of fleece. My problem has been finding one that works while you are in the boat-standing isn’t a problem, just being in the boat and not having anywhere to land and really needing to pee. thanks, ws

I have a device I bought, but haven’t tried, at REI.

It supposedly works for men and women. It’s a plastic bag filled containing something than combines with the urine and forms an instant, gel substance. The gel filled bag can be sealed and then disposed of later in the trash or by throwing it out the car window at hitchhikers.

Totally uncalled for…littering.

REI sells the Sani-fem Freshette
I have failed miserably with this one although i gave up a little too easily. I understand it takes practice and is supposedly a good product. Might be worth a look-see.

That’s I think I have
Really have to look at the box sometime…

I have no problem with this standing up, just took a couple of practice tries.

For use sitting down, it might help to use it facing backwards. Certainly would be easy enough under regular shorts, may be a little dicier via a dry suit Pzip with that thick zipper. The part of the design that actually catches anything isn’t directional, and it’d put things in a better position re gravity.

I agree this one isn’t foolproof, but the alternatives are pretty much non-existent for women once you start adding in considerations like while in the boat.

Tinkle tavern to go…
I’ve looked at some of the devices out there for women and was wondering about them. I know this is going to sound goofy but I was worrying about overflowing the devices. At my age I have to go and go and go. I don’t want to have to go and have a full device and it spill in my yak. Even though I have a SOT I don’t want my perfume to be Crystal Tinkle.

The GoGirl?
This is a new product that I saw at Canoecopia; silicone, very small and portable, and forms a seal against your body. It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, maybe, as it doesn’t come with a receptacle for collecting urine, but it might be possible to adapt something. It’s certainly better than those horrible hard plastic things sold at the drugstore.


I believe it was a joke…lighten up!

Plastic molding - check for defects
In retrospect this is obvious, but I tried a new FUD, Whiz Freedom I think, without first checking the exit tube. Turned out that in the manufacturing process it ended up sealed at the exit end - overflows quickly that way! Easy to cut away the extra bit of plastic, but sure would have been less messy if I’d noticed that first.

For a minute there…
I loved that “Go Girl” and was like, man wish I got that instead with the soft silicone and how it’d fit there all nice…Then I watched the demo and realized, you still need a toilet with that! I thought for a second, hmm, does it go over the can…No…But hmm, can I use that can…Then I realized, that can won’t hold much…And you still need a toilet for that thing! So that wouldn’t be practical for me…Nor was it what she here was asking about, cuz again, not practical as you still need a toilet with it!

Go girl and a plastic bottle…
with a secure cap. That’s what I got for my wife.

Looks questionable with a dry suit
The Freshette has a longer tube you can pull out - it’s not clear from the ad whether the GoGirl has one. This is critical with a dry suit p-zip.

That said, the rest of the part looks nice. There is no reason to assume you need a toilet with this or any other of the ones like this - as above you can adapt a plastic bottle or bags to the end with a little thought.

I am also not sure about the softer rubber. It sounds good at first, but the harder plastic may be easier to manage in terms of keeping it sanitary over time.

Limiting part is the tube/funnel
Nothing works really well seated in a kayak and through front relief zipper. Basic problem is that the funnel is lower than the zipper and so what happens when you are done and want to get the funnel out…

Also, when standing up w/o a drysuit on, no matter if the funnel overflows or the tube doesn’t drain fast enough, worst case is that it drips on the ground… BUT if in your drysuit, makes for soggy long underwear.

Other option is to hold the funnel inside the suit, with the tube draining into a bottle. When done, remove the whole thing through the relief zipper… Hard to do but possible. Problem of course is that you can not see what level the bottle is filling to and also if you make a mistake taking the bottle out, it again leads to soggy long underwear.

One complication is that it is psychologically hard to pee seated with all your clothes on. Body doesn’t really want to “let go”. (Not everyone has this issue.)

My personal preference during the “season” is to use a drysuit with a drop seat and just squat. I can usually be done quicker than most men take to get out of their boats and open their relief zipper.


Maybe NASA
has a solution. Might be expensive though.

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psst - a secret
(ladies: there really is no clean way for a man to pee while sitting in a kayak, either)


Not that is a dirty little secret…