US Geological Survey data for rivers - great resource!

I just thought I’d mention the USGS data for rivers for anyone that might not be aware of it.

The St Joseph is one of my local rivers in SW Michigan. If you Google “St Joseph river level” you’ll find a link to the data below.

It sure gives you an idea about paddling conditions. In this case it looks like the flow is 4 times the average, it’s above flood level, and a record for this date. Yikes, time to cancel any club paddles!

Earlier this year it showed zero flow for frozen rivers so it was useful to figure out when each river opened up again.

It’s a great resource.

Here is the one I use for Indiana where our camping grounds are,
We own property on the river where we park our motor home and it is nice to put a kayak or canoe in up river and then paddle “home.” The nearest check point is about 15 miles up river so there can be a bit of difference in levels but still a nice reference. Jim.


National USGS river flow map:

Ocean buoy data,2,3

Wind maps

NOAA marine and land forecasts

Great links and thanks for sharing. I really like…the map gives a much better sense of what to expect when traveling than just checking my start point and destination. I think I’ll even be able to remember the name