USCA Cruiser

Does anyone have experience paddling the USCA Cruiser? As I understand it, the 18’ 6” Cruiser was designed in 1969 by Lynn Tuttle as a symmetrical 4 x 32 racing canoe and is available today only as a plans-built cedar strip. It still seems to have a good reputation as a fast and stable design. I’d appreciate any information or experiences shared.



My wife and I are training in ours
right now for the Lumber River 40 miler.

It is an older (about ten years) Wenonah model.

We enjoy it very much, and yes it is a fairly stable boat, although it gets a little hairy in large power boat wakes.

We are older paddlers and can keep it at above 5MPH for thirty or so miles.

The newer models are faster.



USCA Plans

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I belive the USCA has been selling those Lynn Tuttle plans for years. I know I have a set that I have had for about 30 years, and I have yet to build the boat. I think some old Sawyer's were based on those plans. I think there are better hull designs around but if someone had a hankering to build a stripper that would make a fairly good choice.As had been stated it would not be as fast as new race boats but could be made into a tripper.

Used Cruisers
Since pro-boats now race against cruisers in most C2 classes, I think you can find quite a few nice used cruisers at reasonable prices, seems to have a few listed under the classifieds. Pam