usca sea kayak class

What are the usual top boats used for the usca sea kayak class? I remember seeing the epic 18 with modifications in beam width to meet class specs. Was this for the touring class? (Nationals 2005)

cd stratus, canoenut’s wooden “qcc 900”, epic 18 (but not the 18x, which i think doesn’t fit), the new kayakpro nemo, the kayakpro jet, valley rapier 18. there are more.

i don’t really understand the point of the sea kayak class anymore. it’s not as if people are just showing up with their touring boats. there’s way to much emphasis on finding a “cheater boat”. if you want the race to be about your fitness relative to the other person, race unlimited class, where the differences between the boats are very small, and where the best paddlers naturally gravitate anyway.


I liked that “QCC-900” !

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I raced against him a couple of weeks ago, (same age group mind you) I should say I saw him on the starting line, and then again on the return leg while I was still on the outgoing leg.
It was a four mile race and he finished a mile in front to me.
There was a QCC-700 second, a few boat lengths in front of me in my 700. The QCC was in a younger age group which gave him a first and me a second to Steve.

My oldest daughter just got a Epic 18, and Steve is suggesting that she go to the Nationals.
I am going to encourage it.

Sorry to jump into the post like this, but you wind me up and I can't help talking racing or paddling in general.


that’s sort of my point, jack
i’m not sure at this point what he’s getting out of racing sea kayak class. his boat is totally optimized, and he’s a great paddler. but, and this is a big but, we (he) are never going to really know how good he is unless he races unlimited, because that’s where the best paddlers eventually tend to gravitate. he’s not racing his peers anymore in sea kayak.


18 and 18x,
both fit in the USCA, the 18x doesn’t qualify under the Sound Rowers (used mainly on the West Coast). QCC700 actually doesn’t qualify under current USCA rules, it falls into the 20 foot touring class.


That’s what T’d me off down in Florida
last winter in two different races I was against

Westside boats using my 700.

Put two equal engines in both boats and we all know the 700 hasn’t got a snowballs chance in hell.

Finally gave up and in the next two races raced tandem canoe with my wife.



More than one event
I do plan on racing the unlimited class, but thought I might get another race in while I’m there. My old WS “epic” would fit the class but the 65# of plastic wouldn’t stand much of a chance.