USCG Float Plan (PDF)

Thanks nice link

You don’t always have to have a USCG Floatplan.

BUT BE SURE SOME OTHER PERSON KNOWS WHERE YOU PUTIN and Your weather condition options of paddling direction and Your expected time of arrival. All experienced paddlers know you can get into ODD or DANGEROUS situations with a kayak. Common sense if you think about it but many forget!

“Some other person” - exactly!
You “file” the plan with “some other person”. You do NOT file it with the Coast Guard. They only provide the form as a convenience and to help make sure the essential info’s there.

In case anyone misunderstands…

Nice try and good luck
On my attempts at instilling correct maritime proceedures I’ve been chastized for:

Not personally knowing Nigel Foster.

Having only owned a kayak for three years.

Not owning a kevlar yak.

Your “other boating expertise” doesn’t count.

You dare to suggest using such a basic tool as a float plan, good luck.

Next you will want us to wear PFD’s.

Make a decent suggestion and get chastised?


Well, friend, you only paddle around the Hudson etc. area, so what do YOU know about REAL paddling, OCEAN paddling, anyway? SO what DO you expect -kisses & flowers? For suggesting a FLOAT PLAN? You crazy?

OTOH, you MUST be if you hang around here, get responses like those, and STILL want to

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

that’s a nice find -thanks for sharing it with us.

Now… here’s the REAL kicker: USING the dang thing! Actually filling one out and filing with a friend -who will be responsible enough to, in turn, to actually remember to check back up at the appropriate time.

Most of us “need” one of these like a another hole in the head -and then, that fraction of a percent someone WILL need it -and it just could save their life.

We’re exposed to it a lot more down here in Florida where there are literally hundreds of thousands of boats, jetskis, canoes, sailboats, and kayaks all out on the water all the time, and we KNOW about the weird stuff that happens, and how useful something like this often is -or in the unfortunate situations -WOULD have been…

So thanks again.

May we all use the float plan approach and your form as we get out there and

Paddle on!

-Frank in Miami

SeaKayaker Float Plan (PDF)
Another option

Never used one! L

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So you're sentiments are dead on (pun intended), but knowing most here are more conscientious and smarter than I, I though someone might have use for it.

The catch for me is, you need a friend to leave it with! *L* Don't really want neighbors and such knowing how long I'll be away from home or car either!

Second - I often go where the wind and water seems most inviting. Suppose I could put down "Nearshore and inshore waters no more than 20 miles North or South of launch point." Taht narows it down!

All those other boaters we contend with - and a VHF/cell most times - are my float plan. In such populated waters I can't imagine needing an "overdue" at destination type search effort - or being alive and found if I did! Freak accident and offshore winds can happen, but someone usually knows if I plan to be on the Ocean for any amount of time. Still it would be several hours before anyone called or a search was started, and don't know that a float plan would help much.

More likely a minor mishap, and a call for pickup. Worse, a more serious type accident with those nearby helping, or worst case beng too late. Not sure where a float plan comes in on these either.

Thanks! NM

We who have no nearby friends
Do have a problem with float plans. So here is a possible solution:

Develop your own float plan using MS Word.

E-mail the attached plan to someone you feel comfortable with, somebody reliable.

When you return, E-mail them with the good news.