USCG If found stickers

In search of 12 USCG If Found orange stickers. We have that many kayaks, SUP and row boats that need one! Any ideas where to get them all? you can purchase 1 for $2, but I hate to have them mail our 12 of them individually. Suggestions for someone in Vermont?

USCG Auxilliary gives them away in my area if you can find them at a boat show or kayak event. At least they did 3 years ago when I last stopped at their table during a river festival…

Go to free with self addressed stamped envelope.


Thanks, may have to do individually…but that’s ok.

I don’t see why you could not send the self addressed stamped envelopes in one bigger envelope.

Thanks for your advice. Googled USCG in our area, they have them … I can pick some up.

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Local harbor master at our primary marina keeps a stack of them on the front desk.

I’m the sticker dude for our neighborhood (pond) beach…I grabbed a bunch from the harbor master and drop them off for anyone in the neighborhood who needs them. Building a kayak/canoe rack at the pond drove this. I made the suggestion on the neighborhood FB page, and offered to provide stickers.

That having been said…if you can’t find the stickers, @flanagang let me know. I might be able to help…

If anyone knows how to get these stickers in quaintly let me know. I used to be able to get these for our Club in batches of 300 or more. We have just under 700 members plus we give them out to kayakers we run across at various launch sites. We’ve run out and the only place to get these for free seems to be limited to two stickers. It would actually save the USCG a fair amount of money in postage.

The USCG and Auxiliary seem to have no email addresses or fax contact numbers. I really dread having to battle with a phone system to get ahold of someone who is in charge of this program. I am certain that there are at least hundreds of dusty cases of these stickers sitting in a warehouse somewhere. I’m more that happy to pick these up in Annapolis or Baltimore if necessary.

Aak your local harbor master for their source. Work up the chain of command…


Fortunate to live near Lake Champlain. I googled the US Coast Guard, called them and was able to go pick them up Saturday. He gave more than I asked for and said to pass them along.

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Thanks sticker Dude! All set now! I tried a couple boat/outdoor establishments in our area, nothing. We have the USCG not too far. They were more than willing to give me quite a few to hand out.



Friend of mine used to fly search & rescue helos for the CG. He, and everyone else involved, will profusely thank you for putting an If Found sticker on each of your boats. A quick phone call may save hours of fruitless (and incredibly expensive) searching for someone who is actually sitting on their sofa at home, watching the game, while their kayak washed off their beach…