Use of Dessicant Packs Help!

Has anyone here had good results from using reuseable dessicant packs with their electronics, or even it occurs there map packs in order to reduce condensation and to increase visibility of the screens, maps, etc. and to protect the devices?

here is some promo fromt the

The air-tight seal of a waterproof case will trap the air’s natural humidity inside the case. This can cause the creation of condensation droplets inside the case. It is highly recommended that a dehumidifying agent, such as these desiccant packets, be used when any electronic items are kept inside the waterproof and air-tight case.

Do work, to a degree
Hey Evan,

Yes they do work but with some caveats;

1)Only good for atmospheric humidity.

2)Only absorb so much before they need to be recharged or disposed of.

Found the ones from Aquapac work well and can be recharged with some baking time. Cost $7 for a 5 pack.

You still have to be in the habit of having dry hands to put anything in a small waterproof case.

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I use them in my camera case
They stop condensation from forming.

I just use ones that come in various electronic things that I’ve purchased. Just hold them in front of a hair drier, or bake in the toaster over for a few minutes to “recharge” them each time before use.

You can get IT on eBay…:slight_smile:
Type the word ‘dessicant’ into the search bar on eBay. You will find silica gel for sale in the little packets or in bulk quantities. I bought about 3 lbs of it to use as a dehumidifyer for the insides of telescope tubes and optical equipment storage drawers.

I haven’t actually gotten around to using the stuff though so I can’t attest to how well it works. I think Marshall is correct. It will only reduce humidity. A fairly small quantity of liquid water would probably overwhelm it’s capacity.


cured a chronically wet distributor cap
Had an old Hillman that wouldn’t start if it was damp outside. Any time it rained you had to open the hood, remove the cap and spray the inside with WD40. To make matters worse, this was in England where it rains at least every other day.

One day in frustration I put four or five large bags of dessicant on top of the distributor (from bomb component containers), put plastic around the whole mess and sealed it with zip ties.

After that, the car started each and every day, no matter the weather. Drove it like that for a year.

Comes with camera underwater housing.
Packets of silica gel come with the Olympus underwater housing for their digital cameras, so they must believe it works. The housing even has a slot in it to hold the silica so it won’t interfere with camera operation.


Silica gel
You can buy the color indicating type which is blue. When it turns pink it needs to be regenerated. This can be done in an oven or toaster oven and will turn blue when it is regenerated.

requires 350 degF for 3 hours.


Thanks mates
Thanks all on my way to gel land.