Use of SmartPhone Apps in Michigan

-- Last Updated: May-21-13 7:21 PM EST --

Newcomers to the sport may appreciate a new
River Specific App developed in Michigan.
Seasoned veterans may find it useful as well.

The Shiawassee River App is now available
- before the Memorial Holiday Weekend


I know a few people
I will pass this along to my friends back home in MI, I have quite a few friends that paddle the Shiawassee quite regularly.

I have a question though, the link says iTunes, so I am assuming this is only for Apple phones? Are they going to make it for Men’s phones as well, like say the Droid phones? lol

App Development

– Last Updated: May-22-13 3:58 PM EST – the future.
Who is the angel investor to pay for
the tedious Android development of a new App ?

Android is a highly fragmented ecosystem :-)
while Apple has checks/balances and a distribution network

Some insight into the world of Android

real men don’t use knockoffs

Tethers prevent knockoffs
Some call them leashes, some call them tethers,

either way you want to prevent an equipment knockoff.

any other river apps?

– Last Updated: May-23-13 8:16 AM EST –

I'm thinking the Huron would be popular. Cities like Ann Arbor and Milford might even feature an app for the Huron on their department of recreation websites if one were developed. City of Ann Arbor's livery did a great business last year and bought some new boats.

Proof of Concept
Apps don’t grow like cherries in Michigan,

they need cultivation and resources.

Everything is set up to develop more,

throw the interested investors my way.

People leave the home everyday without a map, compass,

knowledge of the river or terrain, - BUT -

they seem to always bring a phone :slight_smile:

I will take you up on that

– Last Updated: May-23-13 3:52 PM EST –

Hadn't considered the effort it would take. Let me see what I can do, I might be able to get it in front of some interested parties.

I'm new to this but wondering if you have anyone hosting links to your iphone app for the Shiawassee just yet.

New Concept
Developing specific Apps for Michigan’s 300 rivers

and 3,000 miles of coastline is relatively new concept.

WaterTrails somehow got left behind in the flurry of

hiking, jogging, cycling, etc. app development.

I’m hoping to change that with Michigan-Rivers.Com

I would welcome those wanting to host links

to the SmartPhone App for the Shiawassee River.

Eco-Tourism is good for all in the state.

one suggestion
Make it a “wiki” like project - that is your app pulls information from server database which, in turn, is community edit

Also, even though distances of numeric format 0.318422 are quite precise, the typical consumer GPS error is on the order of 0.003 miles, which makes any trailing numbers quite useless and visually distracting

Well, it is a business and not community service.

Apple only allows established business to submit Apps.

Pure Michigan just launched its spring/summer,

$13 million national cable TV advertising blitz.

Michigan’s hotel occupancy rate in 2012 was the

highest since 2004, a good sign.

The next version will tune down the decimal points,

  • sincerely appreciate the feedback.

Any other kayak apps out there ?

– Last Updated: Mar-24-15 9:01 PM EST –

I haven't seen other ""Kayak/Canoe Apps"" for Michigan,
-- anyone find one I might not have heard about ?

More and more smartphones are becoming water resistant,
dunk proof, and some claim waterproof.

Anyone using their smartphones for something other than music,
while on the water kayaking or canoeing ?