Use of smartphones or tablets on water

More and more smartphones/tablets are becoming water resistant,

dunk proof, and some claim waterproof.

Anyone using their smartphones for something other than music,

while on the water kayaking or canoeing ?

Smartphone in a lifeproof case
Never for music.

I use the mapping feature as a backup to map and compass. Download MyRadar app.

Pirates guide to a good selfie;

  1. hold the phone lower than you normally would

  2. lower

  3. lower


    5)Good, set it down and don’t ever think about taking a selfie again

Wife takes her smartph in a soft
vinyl pouch with cam locking top and an inflatable edge. Works well while in the pouch but not very “compact”. Tried a hard “sealed” snap together over-frame that was supposed to be waterproof but it blocked the mike.

GPS map recording
I am a cyclist, not a paddler (yet.) I like to explore all the different rails to trails around PA and I use a few of the various apps for recording the rides.

I rented a kayak at the lake to finally try it out. I used Mapmyride app to record it. It’s funny because the rental was like trying to paddle a rubber duck in the water an the map recording shows that. I was going everywhere but straight in that rental.

I can view all my riding online seeing the map, speed, time, etc. I also have a local program on the computer that I can import all the individual file downloads from my riding and show them all on a single map (wish there was an easy way to do it online showing all files at once on a map.) (really bike-centric.)

Google My Tracks

Those are a few of the GPS mapping cycling programs, all free. I did find a kayak app which is a paid app.

Google My Tracks I think would be a good one for kayaking as it is not cycling centric like the other ones. You can upload to Google maps from the app and show it all on one map, but I found it very cumbersome to do so. It was neat though when I used it on vacation in Myrtle Beach looking for a restaurant that was situated kind of in the middle of the woods and I had my walking all around a shopping area searching for the restaurant. I also had it running every time we walked the beach and plotted all the files on Google maps which was neat to see all my tracks up and down the beach.

Lifeproof case
There is still the need to have the phone inside something that floats since the Lifeproof case doesn’t include flotation. But the one I got for my cell phone last fall is the first case I have encountered which is truly waterproof and leaves the phone able to be used as normal. I know it is waterproof because somehow my cell phone ended up between dishes in the sink a few weeks ago - no idea what I was thinking but the sink was ringing when I called it from the land line. The phone was fine.

The case lives on the phone full time because it is not easy to snap off. But it is as though it was not there at all in terms of using it, and it is a very tight profile for how much protection it offers.

The only complaint I have about the case is that the registration process to get the waterproof guarantee is a PITA. The steps are cumbersome and it took me four days to get through and get it done. Since then I found out others had the same experience. But the abuse I can put the phone through now is tremendous.

I had Otter’s most robust case for the phone before this one, I forget what it was called. This Lifeproof case has a lower profile and is more protective. I expect that it will get more use on the water this summer than any phone before this.

The last time I had the phone
turned on while fishing (I didn’t used to have reception in the spot and forgot to turn it off.) it started ringing while I was reeling in a trout. I let him swim a little more while I looked to see who was bothering me on my vacation. Work! It was a friend/coworker so I answered it. I talked him through solving an urgent problem with the drinking water system and went back to landing my fish. I made sure he knew what I was doing because he was working and I was fishing. (Mildly sadistic, I know.) Now I make sure only to turn it on if I want weather radar or some such thing.

same here
I carry mine in a lifeproof case for emergencies only. I already have a marine VHF and GPS. I confess I’ve fished it out just to see the weather map.

OK so I also use it to play music at my campsite.

Lifeproof PFD
(Phone Flotation Device) They sell life jackets for your lifeproof case. Snaps around the outside, looks like a rectangular float ring. I don’t have one but have seen it in stores. Kinda bulky, not something to leave on when not on the water

Looks like only for Apple stuff
Just went looking and no one lists one for an Android product. May be coming though.

iPhone in a Lifeproof. I use it guiding and instructing all the time. The live radar has been invaluable. Clients love to have pictures of themselves on their trip. I also use the video while instructing for instant visual feedback for students. Very, very useful.

Lifeproof case
It would be cool to have a lifeproof case for my phone, but then again, for the price of the Lifeproof case, I can buy 2 of my phones, haha.

Like I said, I used the GPS to map my kayak ride. My phone is only for communicating with the immediate family with no calling plan or data so I would just turn the mapping app and GPS on, and stick it in a waterproof bag and stash it somewhere.

Samsung S5
new owner. Did not replace a 7 year old waterproof Casio can be reactivated for conditions. And bought an Otterbox for the S5 from Amazon.

uh…The S5 is like this idiotic touch screen nonsense from Microcephalic. The touchscreen came thru with a $200 discount…the S5 only a 125.

You’re busy…now we have to learn the S5. It’s like Simon sez…

The cell phone electronics is way more selective and powerful than the Casio. Looking for the dentist or ? an excellent time and $$ saving device.

Yet the S5 is cumbersome, awkward. Instructions suggest I use it with one hand…yeah with the device hung around my neck.

I’ll break in, if I can get over the paranoia of walking around with this thing.

I’ll send yawl emails and photos of Rita skinny dipping.

The free-lance photographer in me loves that selfie philosophy!

Software - NOT cases

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Don't give a fiddly poo
about "" the case""" or "" the pouch"".

What are paddlers doing with the smartphone - which apps - which installed software - engagement - usability - functionality ????

Now a cell phone IS also a VHF,
A GPS, a nav aid, and what else....


absolutely nothing
I look at the weather map when it’s flat and I’m bored. Otherwise it’s a superfluous tool and something in my kit for emergencies. I’d rather see what’s around me than fiddle with a damn tablet.

I have a waterproof enclosure for my camera which takes photos that a smartphone or tablet won’t be able to approach for a long, long time.

NEW apps being developed
Folks are making Paddling APPs

I already have two

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A kayak, and a paddle.

I sit in front of a computer all day. Not my idea of fun on the water.

I don’t need any apps on the water
I sometimes use the CDOT (CO Dept. of Trans.) road construction app on the way to paddling. I don’t need maps while I’m fishing. I prefer maps to the sites be on paper. The only other app I use has nothing to do with paddling. It’s a tuner that I use with my horn. I don’t need music on the water, Mother Nature provides that.

What kind of horn. Taj?
What do you play?

is thwarted by water running between hills. For example…and frommemory. My first trip in a Rendezvous was on the Yakima with a Garmin 76csx.

I had mapped a trip to San Ignacio for campings and geologies with Google Earth.

I found GE was done on the yak at low water. So the usual high water thrill ride became a neat slalom of 50+ 2’s and riffles. The stream was mapped R - C - L.

The Yak runs down a canyon but not a deep or narrow canyon. The Garmin stopped tracking 3-4 times.

Lack of an external antennae would be one cause the other poor reception down in the canyon.

Lakes use age would be different. On Yellowstone Lake I imagine a cell tower close by. Great Lakes…how’s the BWCA on towers ?

The GPS has all the data…what would an AP be more than that ? ETA COG…GPS S5

Hiking or cycling is often on a different planet. I’m told cycling the CDT brings your Android so hi up that cell tower access is almost complete from N-S.

Radar and the weather forecast.

I’ll look for Pietown…

On the Yak I mentioned Ag smog on the lower Yak at a high density level going over the health warning threshold: gourmand hay. I was promptly sprayed after posting photo tourism. On my second approach I was thrown out by the fishing ‘guides’ parasitizing the computer geeks from over the hill.