Used Advantage

Brother-in-law just picked up a used kevlar Advantage off CL for $600 that has nary a single scratch on it.

There is an embossed plaque on the stern floatation chamber that says “Custom Built by Wenonah for xxxx”.

Were these common? As for custom, all I can see is maybe the black anodized rails.

The dark side of me thinks he may find it to be a bit, uh, challenging.

Custom construction
Wenonah did for years offer custom construction in several layups that included an extra full layer of cloth in the layup, interior skid plates, different seat mounts and locations,gelcoat on normally skin coated layups,no air tanks. The ordering depended on the local dealer and the factory area rep. It could also have been a customer added plate from a local print shop installed to show the owners pride in his canoe. Did the plate have a Wenonah logo and was it signed by Mike Chichanowski or Dave Kruger?

Thanks for the info
Didn’t know you could custom order at some point in time.

Sounds like a customer installed item. No logo or signature and I think Wenonah would have made it a little more discreet had they installed it.

If he doesn’t like it, I’ll take it.