used backpacking tents???

Any idea hot to find used tents…I’m 4-h leader taking 4 first timers and 1 parent first timer on outing in a couple of weeks…need some inexpensive light weight to gear to give them a good impression of how wonderful backpacking can be.

Not sure if this will help, but I believe you can rent gear from REI and perhaps some other stores. Not a bad way to try something out before deciding if you want to buy.

What is your budget?

I have had good experience with the following websites for buying this kind of equipment.

Given the time of year, your local sporting goods store may also have some unadvertised sales going on to clear out their inventory.

Good luck

Ask a local Scout Troop
Talk to the Scout Master at a local church for a loan of the basics…or do a google search for a local outfitter that rents them.

Mountain Equipment Co-op…
…has a Gear Swap section on their website - that’s where we found our Tarn 3 at about 1/2 retail.

Go to Gear Swap, then Tents - about 20 listed.
for your town

search under sporting goods

type in in “tent”

I’ve never bought a new tent.
I get mine at: Yard Sales, Thrift Stores, Swap Meets.

But i also buy any loose pole and stake I can find too. Can’t remember the number of times someone’s pole broke and I saved their trip with my ‘bag-o-poles’.