Used Bell Morningstar kevlite 2011 model - what is the value

Hello. I have the opportunity to buy a 2011 Bell Morningstar kevlite canoe, no additional finish on the canoe beyond the kevlite skincoat. I am new to canoeing, and this seems like a perfect boat for us - lightweight so we can get it onto our truck (we are older) and stable. We plan to canoe on lakes and reservoirs. The price is $1200 including 2 nice light paddles. There are some scratches on the bottom, but not any that look like they compromise the floatability of the canoe. Is this a reasonable price? Thanks.

Yes that is a very reasonable price for an excellent canoe. The used canoe market is hot and many folks would be trying to get up to $2k for a kevlight Morningstar in good condition. I recommend that you grab it quickly if it has no real damage other than normal bottom scratches. Morningstars are stable (even in wind and waves) and maneuverable and they cruise nicely with little effort.


Yes, in a year or less that price will look dirt cheap. I would snap it up.

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We now own the canoe. Thanks for the encouragement!


:+1: congrats