Used Boreal Ellesmere 17' Carbon/Kevlar

1700 US $ for this boat in a local ad…is that a good price if the boat is in good conditions ?

Buyers Decision
If you think its a good price and its the right boat for you, then its up to you. Look at what a new Carbon/kevlar kayak is going for! If its local , its an even better deal as there is no added cost.

Still would recommend a test paddle.

is that the one
fell onto the interstate ?

eee no ?
dont know what you are referring to. I’m not in the US anyway.

I guess the question is…
I know it was considered a really good kayak some years ago. But how well has it aged ?

If it’s the performance you want…
If it’s in good shape and it’s the performance you’re looking for, it feels pretty good to get into a composite that you really like for that money, especially getting into the fancier lightweight stuff like carbon/kevlar.

I picked up an Ellesmere last fall. From my perspective, I would think it would be a very popular boat. Of course, perspective always plays quite the role in the evaluation of kayak performance. But I don’t see where this design goes out on any limbs in one area to excel in another - such as fast but tippy, maneuverable but sluggish, good rocker profile for taking off on steep waves but suffers sprinting back out through them or A to B distances, high primary stability but requires extra coordination to keep it up on edge smoothly and in balance with smooth transitions, etc. etc. To me, the Ellesmere somehow very effectively pushes the performance boundaries in a lot of great directions through a well-thought-out hull design, without allowing themselves to go far out on any limbs.

Great maneuverability/efficiency profile, feels very settled in and is easy to manage in waves, just exceptional all-around sea kayak performance for me. And the build on mine is notably robust. There’s nothing about it that I would describe as difficult to manage. And to put that into a more meaningful context, I own a Nigel Foster Legend and P&H Bahiya that have often been described as tender or twitchy. The Ellesmere feels settled in comparison under my 190 lbs. A very rewarding boat for excelling at more advanced strokes, whether turning strokes, rolling, surfing, or just working on a strong and efficient forward stroke. You provide solid input, and she responds like there was some real thought put into it when she was designed.

If it’s in good shape, it fits you nicely, and leaves you feeling loose and responsive, yet smoothly and firmly in control, like it does me - money well spent.

no matter
\ used carbon/Kevlar humor is ubiquitous

If it survives
If it survives a careful inspection and a test paddle (without leaking), it sounds like a good deal. I have a kevlar Ellesmere which I purchased used 2 seasons ago and prefer it to the other kayaks I have owned. A previous poster at 190 pounds liked the Ellesmere. I am about 145 pounds - so the weight range of satisfied customers is decent from just 2 reports. Mine has the dial rope skeg, which had an associated leak which I fixed.

Good hull is a good hull
It doesn’t matter when a boat was developed if its a good hull design. A newer boat design doesn’t mean they are better the the previous generation.

The Ellesmere is one of those boats that has a loyal following.

ellesmere - still available?

I was wondering if the ellesmere you posted was still available?

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Fell onto the freeway
my wife paddles in a Ellesmere that fell of some guys rack onto the road. Looks bad, works perfect.