Used canoe price

I’m interested in buying a used canoe and found an Old Town Penobscot 16 for sale but am not sure if the price is right. The canoe is approximately 20 years old and the asking price is $600. Is that too much, seems like a lot for a 20 year old canoe, but I don’t know how much they depreciate. I know a brand new one retails for about $900-$999. Thanks in advance for any input.

16 Penobscot
Great hull but price is too high IMO


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Price seems high for the boat's age. If it were a couple of years old then it might be more reasonable. Offer them less as you can always walk away.

Buying new is not as easy as you may
think. It can take months to get your new canoe and you may not even get it at all.

That may make the value of a new canoe greater. Two rules when buying a canoe, #1 Never buy one you did not paddle and #2 Never, never buy one you have not seen.


Gee, Suntan, I have broken rule # 1
repeatedly and have NEVER been stung. Maybe I should start a used boat buyer’s consultant service.

My only concern about a 20 year old ABS boat is that the ABS layers may be more brittle/ less flexible than when new. If the boat is not used in whitewater, this is of no consequence.

I hate to dicker or haggle over the asking price of a used canoe (or anything else), but when I have agreed to pay the asking price I have found that the seller has been willing to meet me part way in picking it up. Sometimes that’s worth more than $100 off the price.

used Penobscot
I sold one for $500 and it had all mahogany trim.

I’ve seen new Penobscots at REI for $659 on sale, so I’d say that you are looking at a $400 boat if it’s in great shape.