Used Canoe Sales

As someone who regularly watches Craigslist for used canoe deals, I’ve noticed what seems to me to be a slowing of the used canoe market. It started some last year and I’ve seen the trend continue this year. Both in fewer canoes listed, and the ones that are listed lingering for sale much longer at reasonable prices than I would have expected in the past. I only follow canoes, so I don’t know if used kayaks are seeing this same trend.

Buying used at a reasonable price that I know will resell later without losing any money has been a great way for me over the years to try a variety of brands and models without being stuck with an overpriced boat that it turns out I don’t like. So keeping tabs on what constitutes a “reasonable” price is key to making that work out. It’s what I like to call the Craigslist Rental Program.

I was wondering if this is just a localized phenomena here in the SUP and kayak centric Pacific NW, or if folks are seeing this elsewhere in the country.

I haven’t noticed that trend here in the Midwest. The craigslist canoe market does seem to vary quite a bit over time but I still see bargains pop up regularly and well priced desirable boats seem to move along. I think the price of good quality used canoes may have gone up a little bit as the cost of new canoes has gotten so high.

Have you tried facebook market?

I haven’t noticed a down tick other than seasonal… it’s already trailing off. Prices all over the board… cheap stuff goes fast. The country is awash in nice RX and composite boats… many of them lightly used or not used at all. There will be no shortage anytime soon.