Used Canoe Web Sites

Besides this web site are there any others that regularly advertise used canoes and are willing to ship them?

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Used Canoes
I’ve bought two wood strip canoes from ebay or contacts from ebay. You also may want to check out It may show canoes that are available in your area. Some canoe clubs have message boards with a classified section in their websites. Maybe there is such a club in your area. Piragis in Ely sells used boats and I think they ship as well. Good luck.

Used canoes
This ( is hands down the best site for finding used canoes that I’ve ever seen – 3 of our canoes came from ads. There are others though. Do a Google search, you’ll turn some up. Also check out Hemlock Canoes used canoe list: (that URL is the main site, scroll down on the left side for used boats). Oak Orchard maintains a used canoe list: Outfitters often sell off some of their inventory, check out Piragis:

Of course the biggest trick is finding something used in your area… canoes can be expensive to ship and many private sellers don’t want to bother with the fuss. Also check out liveries in your area for used canoes.

Good luck - RK

Here are a few to check…

The guy with the rentals at a local lake. Check with him.

This just could be the year they upgrade to newer stuff.Or some of the rentals are replaced every year. Worth a shot, you could find a good boat that just needs a little TLC and cheap.

agree with arkay
check with any outfitter. I have bought from Piragis and was very pleased, and they even found a local (they are in MN) heading my way to deliver the boat on their roof rack.

Wooden Canoes
If you have an interest in wooden canoes (including some very pretty antiques - look at the Wooden Canoe Heritage Associations classified section

If you want to build or restore a wooden canoe - their forums are a great resource

Used Canoes
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If you have the paience to search, there’s bargains at estate and police autions.

HI Boo,
Have you sold that Red Fox yet? Now there’s a canoe I’d seriously consider buying if it was closer to Virginia. The Red Fox has to be one of the finest solo wood and canvas canoes ever built, and the builder is top notch


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No it's still available. But, I've been very hesitant about selling it. I actually want the same canoe in the longer 15ft length that Doug now makes. I wish it [15ft] was advertised back when I bought the 14ft Red Fox. It is a sweet little canoe! I may be able to have it shipped near you if your interested....

Thanks, Boo
I just bought a Bourquin Lutre 16’ 6" Wood and Canvas solo, and I just sold a Loonworks 14’ Aria. If the Fox had been available a while back I’d jumped on it. For now I need to sell the P&H Capella 173 sea kayak to finance my next canoe. If your Fox is still available then maybe we can work something out about shipping. I know Doug has had good luck shipping to all points in the US so I can ask him for some ideas.

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How about craigslist.
I’ve seen a few, and you can read just from your area.

Sometimes you can even jump on a bargan, if your quick enough.

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