Used childrens kayak...

where would I find such an item…I am having no luck…

Used children kayaks…
You can have mine. They are only slightly used, 4.5 and 2 yo males. They both have been out kayaking. But be warned, they never want to paddle in the same direction.


what you want them to do…

try this link

Best Wishes


this company has a used Carolina 12 (kids kayak) for $250 listed for sale on their website. If they still have it, they are located around the NJ/PA border.

Acadia Scout?
Don’t know what your price range is, but the new Perception Acadia Scout might be an option.

My son is about to turn 4 and my daughter is about to turn 8…is it one or two boats ur selling? and how much are you asking?

No boats for sale…
Just a couple of big (for their age) boys/future football players. Currently ages 4 and 2.5 yo. Tired of being gang tackled by them, so I wanted to sell them off. But alas, the wife says no. Plus, adding a third to the litter. Probably another football player in the making. The boys will be teaching it how to form up for a three pronged attack on my knees. The wife is hoping for a ballerina. We’ll see how that turns out.


Cobra Wave
I bought my 8 & 12 year old grandsons a pair of Cobra Waves. $300 each and 10’x23"x35#. They are SOT surf boats with 2 skegs. They are working out great. They got caught by some pretty bad wakes and blew right through them. Scared the 8 yo a bit but now the 12 yo is looking for them. I believe they are a rehash of the Wave Witch without the rudder. For a sit in, the Umiak which is now the Carolina 12 is a great boat for kids. Putting a kid in a 30" wide boat is like you trying to paddle a 4’ wide boat. Old Town made a couple of kids boats if you can still find them.

A used boat or used children?

keep lookin’
Check out the local classified ads and “Pennysaver” type publications, garage sales, etc. Also, look for any rental operation that’s selling off their old yaks. Unfortunately, that usually happens at the end of summer. Right now, folks are selling the yaks they’ve been storing since last fall, and are expecting to get a good price for them.