Used Epic GP - Good Boat?

I have a chance to purchase a used Epic GP (not GPX) must be from maybe 2008 maybe newer but in MINT condition for

$700.00. Seems a little bit high but was originally more than double that. Want a stable boat that tracks well for large lakes and slow rivers. This one sweet looking ride that weighs 32 - 34 lb. at about 12’6. Thoughts? Any help would be appreciated need to move fast!

Seems like a good price.
I haven’t paddled one, but it’s on my list of boats I’m looking for.

Test paddle it, if you can.

I have one
Light, agile, fast for its length. Great little rec boat. For the price & condition you state, I’d say it’s a good find. I don’t intend to ever sell mine.

Used Epic GP - Good Boat?
Thanks for your replies I appreciate it! From your replies and Jim Smith at Epic kayaks I test paddled and bought it! Initial stability is a little “tippy” secondary stability seems pretty decent. I have a pretty light Warner paddle so between the 30 something weight of the boat and paddle it takes zero effort to paddle. My butt will most likely get tired way before my arms/shoulders! Turns easily and for a short boat tracking is above average. I live near Raleigh if anyone wants to try it. How many are still in circulation is hard to say. Thanks again

IS it all carbon?
I saw one being paddled a long time ago and it looked like it performed well.