Used Kalliste or New Camano Paddle?

I have the opportunity to purchase a used Werner Kalliste CF Core - 8 to 10 years old with minimal use (like once or twice) by an older couple. In the $150-$200 range depending on what I am to negotiate.

Or purchase a new Camano in the $200 range after use of a gift card…so close to the same out of pocket. Kalliste is lighter for sure.

The Kalliste is a standard shaft, I would get a small shaft Camano - being a female with smaller hands, this might be an advantage…that said, I have used a standard shaft for 10 plus years with a Carlise fiberglass paddle.

What would you recommend ???

Great price on the Kalliste…
If the length is OK I would go with it.
You will enjoy it on every paddle.
When I was a guide I would hand mine to people asking to be towed. Their eyes would light up and take off paddling on their own again. I HATED towing!

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Thanks grayhawk. Yes, the length is 230, which is what I am looking for based upon height and Tarpon width. My current 220 feels a bit short.

Looks like I am selling some Malone seawaings shortly which will make the paddle even cheaper :-).

They are selling 2 Kallistes…now to decide if I should try to pick up both for the right price.

I have a Kalliste and a Camano. The Kalliste paddles much better. I carry the Camano as a spare in remote places. I advise buying both of the Kallistes. Keep the second one for a spare or sell it on Craigslist for a bit of profit.

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Thanks Waterbird. That is how I am leaning at the moment - pick up both.

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Ended up buying both Kallistes for $175 each. too good of a deal to pass up. While they had been used a few times, there was still sticky residue where the price tag was and they still had the hanging tags. Can’t wait to try them out next week :slight_smile:


I would go for the new Camano, but unless you have used a Camano, it might take a little time to get used to it. As you might know, it is designed as a low angle paddle. That is my preference after years of trying everything else.

Damn! Score!

Thanks for the feedback - I appreciate it.

Score indeed!