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I have an Perception Aquaterra Chinook sea kayak that I purchased in 1995 from a rental company in Bar Harbor Maine. I was told that it was new that season and I bought it at the end of the season. I want to sell the boat to a friend and I haven’t the foggiest idea what it’s worth. It has a rudder and the bulk head covers, paddle, pfd, and a bilge pump that will go with it. Everything is in used, but pretty good shape. The boat has seen some rocks on Iowa rivers, but only surface type scratches. I looked around on the classifieds here and there are no boats of this style listed. I don’t remember much about the Aquaterra boats so I don’t even know a comparable boat to gauge it off of. Is the Sea Lion similar? Any advice on a fair price?

I got one on Ebay
a bit older and without a rudder for $228 with a paddle.

Ebay boat
Hey Chuck

Did your price include any of the extras? (paddle, bilge, etc)

Just a paddle
no rudder but ok shape.

a ten year old plastic boat
OK for having fun but really will not last so long. where has it been stored since you bought it.

If he is a true friend…
Why not let him name the price of the boat and then sell it to him for that price.



its WORTH what ever somebody is WILLING to pay for it… Econ 101

old boats
It has been in the garage for the most part. What happens to the roto-molded boats over time? Where do I look for degredation?

friends and $$
That’s my plan but niether of us have a clue about what might be a good price. I am a lot more into motorcycles and bicycles than boats so I don’t know the market at all. Same is true of my friend.

The plastic just degenerates

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My dealer says the life expectancy of a plastic boat under active sea kayak use is limited to a 15 year max less if hull is abused by rock gardening dragging etc. I am thinking a touch less than mike mcreay i'm a $300 to $400 range with three being cheap and 4 being high.

Maybe one of the paddlers with a lot more experience than I can talk about wht happens to an old plastic boat. I have never owned one so I am relyaing on my dealers advice.