Used Kayak Purchase

Hi. I am new to the forums and I am looking for advice on some used kayaks I found for sale near me. I am looking for a pair of touring kayaks for my wife and I. We live near Pensacola Florida. Most of our paddling so far has been in rental canoes and kayaks on a weekend river trips and near shore around the bay. I am 5’8" and my wife is 5’4". Both of us are average weight and athletic ability. We are looking for touring kayaks capable of carrying 2-3 days worth of supplies + gear. I can’t afford new so we’ve been looking at what is for sale on craigslist. The four boats I found are:

Old Town Nantucket 15’ $450
Wilderness Tsunami 13.5 $600
Necky 14’ (unknown touring model) $650
Perception Vizcaya $650

The Perception and Necky are being sold as a pair. My question is what is a fair price for these boats and which ones (if any) would you choose and why?

Viscaya would be my choice.

And these could be on your list… and

Thanks for the suggestions so far. :slight_smile:

You intend 2-3 day outings. Longer is better for capacity, handling and comfort. For your wife something like a Necky Eliza (designed for women and smaller people), for you there are a ton of 16-17’ boats out there. Be careful about getting something too beamy. You will become bored with the boat and it’s not good for your stroke.
Plastic boats are heavy… keep you eyes open for an older used Necky, current designs fiberglass or kevlar boat. Good deals pop up from time to time.

These kayaks were posted the other day. Might be what you’re looking for and it appears to be a good price.