Used Kayaks in Alaska???

My girlfriend and I have recently purchased our first sea kayak which happens to fit me best so now we are out searching for our next used sea kayak in Alaska…We’re fairly new residents to Alaska and very curious to know where we can find good deals on used kayaks in Alaska, besides the classifieds and craigslist…Perhaps retail stores that sell used???I know we can find one this fall from the guiding companies but we want to paddle together ASAP and are budget shoppers…Thanks for any insight!

The web is probably your best bet. Vaughn Fulton

Check the Classified on
I believe I have seen an outfitter in Alaska post used boats for sale on the classifieds.

Try here…local canoe and kayak club

You could try Alaska Kayak School
They are in Homer and sell high quality used kayaks. Here’s the link:

Local outdoor gear store…
When I’m at Campmor (the retail store) they always have stickies in the front with people selling used outdoor gear, including Kayaks, you might want to check there.

Maybe the REI in Anchorage has them but in general, many outdoor stores will allow folks to post flyers…


This is not a good time of
year to be looking for a used boat…Near the end of Sept. some of the outfitters put all their used boats and gear up for sale and the best place to find out when is on the site I mentioned above…KCK