Used Kayaks -- What to look for?

-- Last Updated: Jul-28-11 12:48 PM EST --

I'm going to look at a used Seda Viking (fiberglass) this evening and a used Perception Eclipse Sea Lion (plastic) tomorrow.

Is there anything specific that I should be wary of? They are selling for almost exactly the same price, which has me a little concerned about the Seda. Please help!

I would look for
very fine spider cracks…look at it in good lighting, hold it up to the sun and look inside to see if anything looks like it’s been repaired or for any holes or fill with water and check for leaks. maybe it has a factory defect? check on how and where it has been stored maybe. try it before you buy. If they don’t want you do any of these things, then walk.

Also to consider
I was looking at used boats a month ago and saw those boats often. Old boats of great design in their day but dated designs. Besides the condition of the boat consider the outfitting. Meaning poorly designed or worn seats needing replacing, no bulkheads? Means you will have to spend quite a bit of money for for float bags. At $4-600 for those boats, when I was looking I felt it was not a good purchase as the true cost of getting the boat water ready was too high for me.

If the price are right and the boat is in good shape and equipped to go, could be a good purchase, I went with a used newer design equipped to put on the water that day.