Used Necky Arluk IV

I have come across a Necky Arluk IV for sale.

It looks to be in good shape except for a large scar on its upper bow. The owner says it has been repaired with expoy, and just needs paint now.

He is asking 1200.00 cnd firm and I am wondering if that would be a fair price…

Thanks folks,

Dan Kennedy

it’s a fair price
if you wanted to deal more go over it more closely and identify any significant gel coat cracks where the glass is soft or flexs at the crack, but honestly any glass boat for $1200 should have some gel coat cracks. This is where a fair price is simply what makes the sale happen. $1200 is less than the price of a deeply discounted plastic boat on sale. It sounds like a good deal only from the information given.

I would agree with Lee. I would want to
stick my head inside the boat while it sits in the sun, so I could look at that epoxy scar repair from the inside, and perhaps spot other damage that might concern me. But, being ok about FG repair, I might want to buy it if I were around.