Used Old Town Discovery 169 fair price

Not sure if anyone has been keeping an eye on the used canoe market, but I’m looking at a ten year old Old town discovery 169 for $700. Bought new in 2008, used lightly for recreation since 2011, stored mostly outside. Pictures that I’ve seen show some normal wear and tear, no abuse.

I’ve been in the market for a used discovery for some time now and this is the first one in decent condition that I’ve come across and so I’m really tempted to buy it.

$700 seems high to me but I really and not sure of the going rate for these canoes. And to be honest, I can’t even find anything from Old Town about the original MSRP so that I can attempt the calculate depreciation. All I have to go off is the current price of a new 169.

If anyone has a better idea of what its worth I would really appreciate the info.

I personally would fine $700 unacceptably high for a used Old Town Disco 169 but it really depends on what your alternatives are. I would consider maybe going $400 if you otherwise like the boat and it is in decent condition.

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I agree with pblanc, especially if the boat has been stored outside. The 169 is the best river boat of all of the Discovery cross-link boats. It is kind of a baby Tripper. I rented a couple of them once for a technical river and they performed well. $500 is more like it.

Although new they run about $1100 - 1200, the used ones listed for sale online seem to range from $375 - 575

I do not have a dog in the Ford-Chevy-Dodge brand fight, but having purchased a Dagger 16 for $450 this week and just passed on a flatwater Wenonah (Saranac model) 15 for $450 today, I’d hold out for fall and pick one up for $350. Asking prices on Discovery boats tend to be around $500 in my part of Michigan. This is the time of year where people say “well, we never even used it again…”

Have you searched on FB Marketplace?

10 years old and stored outside would seem to indicate a price between $350-$500 depending to on the condition and I would especially be looking at sun damage if it was stored outside.

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If still looking, I have a Discovery 169 stored outside for sale. Asking $300. Located in Cape Coral Florida. Also have a Old Town sit on top kayak.