used price for Wenonah Spirit II help

We are interested in purchasing our first canoe and believe we would like to own a Wenonah! We have an opportunity to look at a 10 year old Spirit II in royalex this evening. We don’t know exactly what condition it is in yet, but the owner says “it has some darker spots on the bottom from weather but is in good condition.” I have been looking on the internet for any guidance on what a reasonable price would be for this canoe, but I haven’t had much luck…would you have any advice? Thank you!

I’d do a nationwide search of Craigslist to get an idea of what they’re selling for.


one you’re looking at is a fair price

The Spirit II is a very good first canoe. It’s very versatile, maneuvers well and is quite efficient with a load. I’ll bet the boat was covered with a tarp and that’s where the “dark spots” are coming from. They will disappear once the boat is in a totally dry environment for a couple days.