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Can anyone tell me the difference between the Prijon Calabria and the Touryak? Are the hulls the same? The Touryak is 15.5x25 and the Calabria is 14.5x24. The cockpits seem to be the same. There is a front hatch in the Touryak and paddle rescue straps but what else? Are the hulls different? Yhanks, Barry

never used them but…
…I would expect that if you went to their website and looked at pictures of the boat, you’d get a clue if there were any differences in their hulls, compared against one another.

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I have owned several Prijons, including the Capri, the Calabria, the Kodiak and the Barracuda. I have never owned or paddled a Touryak.

I cannot answer your question about hull design, but can tell you that the Touryaks front and back dry hatches would be an advantage to the Calabria. It would seem to be the only advantage though. The one inch narrower beam of teh Calabria, coupled with four lbs less weight is a good thing overall. The longer Touryak, which should be a tad speedier secondary to this virtue--likely loses this advantage since it has a wider beam. If your goal is overnighting and photography (needs a wider beamed and stable platform), then the Touryak is perhaps yur better boat. For extended camping, the Touryaks dual dry hatches are mandatory. If your goal is a more maneuverable boat for both large water and streams and creesk, plus speed (a 25 inch beam like the Touryak is wide, like a rec boat), and overnighting at most, then rthe Calabria would be a better choice.

I would guess that the Touryak is sort of in the middle ground--not really a sea kayak, and not really a river yak, and thus it is not a huge seller for the company. You might consider the new Motion, which seesm to combine the best of teh Touryak and the Calabria, and even has a swift 23 inch beam.

If you describe your purposes in your desire for a prijon boat, plus your height and weight, would be helpful in giving info here to your post.

Landis Arnold, owner of wildwasser/prijon USa, can be telephoned at the contact # on (better than emailing him, which he sometimes does not receive) and he will personally coach you also; he did for me, a very nice guy.

cooldr. I just bought one yesterday. no rudder. i like the boat. seems fast-sort of hard to turn and a little twitchy-which i like. but i have a hard time getting. you seem like an experienced paddler give me the scoop.

i be a bad writer-i.e. getting out of the boat i look severly challenged.

I own and frequently paddle the Calabria. I also get the chance to paddle a Touryak enough that I may make some observations.

The hulls are a little different on the boats. I find that the Touryak is a bit more efficient than the Calabria. It has a nice “run” for a plastic boat.

The Calabria, I would argue, is a tad bit more manueverable. I can catch eddies with a bit more ease. For some reason I find that I can make a Calbria go faster than the Touryak over short distances. However, the Touryak is nicer for longer distances.

The cockpit on the Touryak should be bigger than the one on the Calabria. I do find the dayhatch that hangs into the cockpit area minorly annoying. I have also found the storage convenient on several times. Since I am not usually gear heavy, I could do without the hatch.

If I were paddling open water or camping, I would get the Touryak. For smaller rivers and streams, I like the Calabria.


I emailed you, poleplant.