Useless UPF label

Leafed through a Campmor catalog and saw the description for some Terramar men’s knit boxers. They gave it a UPF rating.

Why? Do many guys run around outside in their boxers?

It makes me think of the bra-thing that’s fastened to the insides of the Astral Bella PFD. It’s not going to add any support, so just why is it there.

pardon my ignorance
what is a UPF rating ?


UPF rating
a google search showed:

While not a huge concern for Norther hemisphere paddlers right now, here Downunder we always look at the UPF rating on a garment, just not on underwear, unless trying to emulate the Superman outfit :slight_smile:

I think the idea
came from this thread:

hey bow , maybe
read the OP again .

Marketing gimmick.