Uses for orange plastic bag?

As I mentioned in the other thread, my Coast Guard Auxiliary neighbor gave me an orange plastic bag with rules of the road and nav. aids printed on it to keep in my PFD. In about 30 seconds this is what I came up with for uses.

  1. Visual distress signal
  2. Hypothermia protection
  3. Litter-picker-upper
  4. Hatch cover
  5. Floatation bag
  6. Shelter
  7. Water collector if stranded
  8. Tourniquet

    So anybody else got additional safety/emergengy uses? Please limit to safety/emergency ideas. I’m not really interested in what you do behind closed doors :wink:

Wet and or dirty clothes from the campout

live well for kayak fishing

Orange peel collector
But seriously, just completed the Red Cross Responding to Emergencies course and was told that tourniquts are out now, just direct pressure works best allover.

The folks with Wilderness Medicine certs can argue about that. Luckily I did learn to set up a tourniquet many years ago in case we need to break the rules.

Hunter’s vest
Just don’t shoot across the water, particularly to the port or starboard side (unless you have a bomb-proof roll.)

A few good ones…
Use it to build a solar still.

On sandbars, use it as a sandbag on the end of a tarp/rainfly tie down.

Have seen one used as a rainhat.

Find a “river dork” (obnoxious drunk on the river) passed out; put it over their head, and snug it down real tight around their neck.


leaves/pumpkin yard display at Halloween

protection against drunks
Shove a plastic bag into your pfd or on front deck. Slide your blade thru the bag and wave the bag like a flag if you cannot see the face of boater getting close. OR unbuckle your pfd, dive down to 20 feet and let the freak drive over your boat. Was hit by spray from miami vice style cig boat

Flag for the
back of your boats while transporting

Cut sleeve and head cut outs in the bottom of the bag and used them for my boys in moderate rain showers.

Worked excellently for this purpose!