USGS River Conditions Chart

Hey everyone! I haven’t been able to find a good source to easily graph the USGS water data and put it on a website so I finally bit the bullet and built one.

It updates automatically and is pretty easy to modify to show your own local paddling destination of choice. More details and the code itself are here:

USGS site
Doesn’t the USGS already do this for you?

You beat me to it

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All one needs to do on whatever website you wish, is to post a link to the graph you want. The graph will already be there, so there's no need to construct your own. Also, the existing graph can be tailored to the exact needs of the reader with a couple of mouse clicks or keystrokes as desired.

i use the
"bookmarks" widget :wink:

I use the water tab @

I would assume all data comes from a common source it’s just a matter of how it’s displayed.

The site lets you select from a map with the gauges color coded for watches and warnings. Besides a seven day history and forecast, you can tab up/downstream to the next gauge and see what impact certain flood levels will have on local roads and features.