Using 3M 4200 adhesive within 24 hours?

I read the directions on the tube and see that it says that it has to be used in 24 hours. Is that referring to the whatever remains in the tube ? Anyone have experience using the 4200 product?

I always small tubes cause they get a little not flowing if on the shelf for a while. Keep the lid on.

4200 will stay “soft” so the thing can be removed.

5200 “hard” stubborn and glue.

Dries tack free in an hour and cures in 24 hours. I doubt that the whole tube will be unusable in 24 hours. Like many adhesives, once opened the amount remaining in the tube will begin to harden, but it can take a while, which varies. Aquaseal recommends storing their adhesive in the freezer after opening. Many adhesives start to harden from the tip inward, especially silicones. Sealants such as Lexel will be usable for a long time without any special handling. Sometimes you can cut the tip back on other sealants, however, if it starts to gel it might not work as well.

Best practices are to buy the smallest amounts of adhesives or sealants that you need for a project. If it comes with a cap replace it with as little air as possible or use plastic wrap to reseal it.

I doubt that the whole tube will become unusable in 24 hours. Reseal the tube, possibly refrigerate it or freeze it, and hope for the best when you need it again.

24 hours is pretty fast, but yes, it will start to cure in the tube. Here is the full data sheet on it if you want to read some details:

Thank you all for your imput.