Using a paddle float as a dry bag?

I just bought a paddling safety kit from MC Sports on clearance, mostly because I had wanted a bilge pump, but I also got a paddle float, a whistle and a paddle leash. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to use the paddle float as a dry bag. It has the exact appearance of my seal line dry bag, that you fold it and clip it in a similar fashion. Does anybody else do this? just curious. thanks.

I wouldn’t.
In the rare event that you need your paddle float, is it going to be accessible? And, what are you going to do with the stuff inside of it?

Are you sure it is a paddle float, and
not a dry bag?

There is no way my paddle float could be used for a dry bag

Do you blow it up?

You have me curious




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don't see how I could put anything inside my paddle float except a lot of air and a paddle blade. ps---mine doubles as a pillow.

here it is:

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this is the paddle float in question. it's pretty big and bag like.

Where? didn’t see a link

it’s there now.

its a paddle float allright
don’t think it would make a good drybag—not only would your stuff get wet because you can’t close it with a waterproof seal but how would you use it if you needed a paddle float if it was full of gear?

It is NG for a dry bag
there is no way to get into the two air tight chambers that you blow up, and the paddle goes in between them and then gets fastened to the paddle shaft, and that is not water tight, so to asnswer your question; in my opinion I wouldn’t want to try and use it as a dry bag.

I also don’t like the instruction that says “keep it partially inflated” or whatever.



i’m not sure you follow…
i’d be putting the stuff where the paddle blade goes. It looks just like a dry bag, how you roll the top down and buckle. I wouldn’t be needing the paddle float while I was using it as a drybag, like floating down small rivers, etc.

You asked if people thought it was a good idea to use a paddle float as a dry bag, and you got a unanimous (and unanimous agreement is unheard of on “No.”

Go do whatever you want.

Roll the top over and clip it and then submerge it under water.

Hold it under for a minute or two and then bring it up and check it for dryness.

If there is no water in it, you should be able to use it the way you want to.

I wouldn’t suggest putting any thing of value in it though since it is a paddle float, not a dry bag.



paddle floats and drybags
look superficially the same, but a dry bag is designed to make a seal to keep water out, whereas a paddle float is not. For it’s purpose, that’s not a concern. If it’s just for holding nicknacks that can get wet anyway, go for it. But, as others have pointed out, then if you need it as a paddle float, you have to empty it out.

Are you sure this isn’t a troll? If it is, you might ask about using this as a drybag instead:


don’t do it
The center area where you would place the paddle when you use it as a paddle float could possible be waterproof by rolling down the top and clipping it, but when you do this, the paddle float would not be able to be used as a paddle float.

why yes I am a troll…
in that I live under the bridge (Mackinaw). yeah, probably testing it out would actually make the most sense. thanks for your responses.

thanks mj
You took the words right out of my mouth.

Maybe a DRY BAG purchase is in order.

what i want to know is can i use my Dry bags as paddle floats? or better yet pontoons. Yeah I could just free pack everything under the deck and use my dry bags as pontoons, now that would be sooo cool. Yeah why do I need dry bags when I have under deck compartments? I mean hatches NEVER leak, right? Besides all my gear is water proof, well except for my sleeping bag, cloths, & food.