Using air tight food storage containers?

-- Last Updated: Jan-02-09 11:08 AM EST --

Getting Granola out of one of these polycarbonate air tight sealed food containers this morning I wondered if any one has used them for storing gear, food, electronics etc. when paddling? My first thoughts were for using a small one for a non waterproof camera because of the ease to access what is inside of it and ease to seal it back up while on the water. Donig a little Google search, it is obvious that there are number of them available on the market and you can get them in round or rectangle shapes. One issue I do see is that they will add weight. Has anybody tried using them for storing things in a boat?

I’ve used all kinds of “food storage containers” for dry storage. For electronics/wallet/etc. Walmart sells a brand that has a rubber seal and it latches shut. You can find them right alongside all the regular Tupperware, and the price is very reasonable compared to purpose-built dry-storage containers.

They work
But I would test them in the sink before relying on them with electronics. For things that can get a drop or two of water on them, they are fine (food, spare clothes, safety items, etc.).

They can be a little bulky, but the price is right…


A different aproach…
Is a Hani-Vac, by Reynolds, I think.

It’s a flashlight sized vacuum pump which works with special reusable zip-lock bags.

I found mine at Publix. I think it was in the ten to twelve dollar range, with bags.

So far I’ve only used mine for food storage, and I’m pleased.

But now you’ve got me thinking of other uses, and may try to zip lock and vacuum sheets, fleece blankets, GPS, etc. Hmmm.