Using an ISUP pump to inflate a kayak and other inflatables

Is it possible to inflate a kayak and other water toys by purchasing or manufacturing an adapter for an ISUP pump?

Yes. I have a triple-stage SUP pump and with the added adapters inflate my (non drop stitch) IK.

It has 3 stages:

  • 2 cylinders pump on up and down ()for high volume, low pressure like my IK)
  • 2 cylinders only pump on down stroke (it is harder to pull up than push down)
  • 1 cylinder only pumps on down stroke (for high pressure)

The real difference between high and low pressure pump is cylinder diameter and number of cylinders. Triple-stage pumps basically vary the volume displaced. If you have a pump without such adjustment it will suck either in high or low pressure application. Same for bicycle pumps that are for road bikes or MTB… same pump, just different cylinder diameters.

Thank you for responding. Yes, this is exactly the info I was looking for, except, where did you get the adapters from and is there a standard name for these adapters that I could search for? I have been looking all over and finally found a set on Amazon called: Inflatable HEYTUR Boat SUP Pump Adaptor and Kite/Boston Valve Standard Conventional Air Pump Air Valve Adapter Spoke Plate Attachment(Multi)- It’s running late and should arrive by 9/22.

Which adapters depends on what valves your boat has and what pump you bought.
I have this pump and these adapters

Oh good. I have a similar pump from iRocker and the adapters I purchased look the same, too. :grin: