Using deck bags

For day trips, I prefer totally clean decks so when sculling, rolling, etc. . .I need not worry about stuff. On an upcoming multiday camping trip however, I think the low volume of my Impex OI is going to force me to use a deck bag on the bow for misc. stuff. Still wanting to scull and cool off along the trip, is there a truly waterproof deck bag to suggest?

if I didn’t want my dry bags to leak
I would give them a few extra twists. Maybe halfway down the bag.

What do you keep in it?

I feel the same as you do about decks. I think about deck bags but also about placing stuff on the stern (prevents laybacks) or even a tiny backpack.

Other thoughts?

Deck bags
I have the old version of the North Water Peaked Deck Bag ( and used a few times the SealLine Baja Deck Bag ( ).

The North Water bag fit perfectly the peaked deck of my Nordkapp and it’s easier to get stuff in and out of it but the SealLine is bigger and stays attached to the deck while the boat is “inverted”.

The new version of the North Water uses straps instead of bungees to attach it on deck so very likely this problem has been solved (I can’t confirm).

Neither one is waterproof so I just use them for items I don’t mind they get wet.

love mine. roll opening makes it totally waterproof. Marshall on Pnet at River Connections sold me mine (two, they’re that good). Look him up on Pnet for advice and a potential sale if interested.

Pacific Outdoor

It uses a waterproof zipper compared to a roll-down style.

Under deck bag?
Have you considered an under deck bag? I also prefer clean decks. I’ve had the North Water under deck bag for a couple of years now and really like it. It carries enough to be useful, but not too much so that it would be in the way or that I would be tempted to overstuff it.

I used the Sagebrush Dry Goods Hip and
Deck Pack. It is totally submersible and I have never found even a drop of water in it. It uses the same zipper as the Stohlquist Drysuit.

WildWasser Console Bag
Bone Dry for 6 years.

The Console Bag™ is best suited for the bow of a kayak, with it’s aerodynamic, low profile design. Easy access to gear in, out or under the Console Bag™. The bag is waterproof with a roll-top closure and constructed with 210 denier welded seams. Features include elastic, retractable cord, bilge pump and paddle float holsters as well as a clip attachment for our Info-Center™. Mounts to any kayak and enables access to deck pack or elastic nets.

Color: Yellow and Black Size: Length 16”, Width 10”, Height 5” Volume 800 cu in

Take less stuff?
Take less stuff?

I manage to do multiday trips in a Romany (no skeg) with nothing on the deck. (The OI might have less room.)

Note that you might be able to stuff a dry bag in front of your feet.

cheap bag
why waterproof, it’ll cost a lot if it’s specifically a deck bag with waterproof zip. Why not get a mesh bag that’ll drain and put waterproof things in it. The beef I have with deck mounted bags is that anything taken out and put back in while on the water will have some moisture on it and if it’s hot it’ll become a steam bath for everything,even a submersible vhf radio or gps will be unhappy in a hot/steamy environment. I saw a friends gps display get messed up in a waterproof plastic bag sitting under the bungies.