Using felt for skid plates?

I’m trying some heavy duty felt (1/8" thick approx) saturated with epoxy resin. Anyone else try this for skid plates? Hoping to keep the ends from wearing out for a while.

It’s been done
Take a look at the fourth post in this thread:

Cant sand kevlar
As the pose he referenced says, kevlar felt cannot be sanded so it will never come out smooth and can be a pain to get cosmetically finished.

Other, sandable materials are preferred by many. Pretty much every cloth besides kevlar is sandable, so look into fiberglass, dynel, polyester, or almost anything else.

I wish I could post a good picture of what I did. But I can report back on how well it works or if it’s a fail.

Try Keel Easy
I used 3" wide Keel Easy on my Dagger Legend 15. Went on easy and has held up so far. Not thick and ugly like Kevlar felt, plus you can heat it and remove it if you don’t like it, or when/if it wears through.

You can make it smooth
Sanding won’t work, but scraping will. A carbide scraper works best and you can get them at any home center or hardware store.

felt bans

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Would adding felt to a canoe run afoul of the intent of felt bans (on wading boots) enacted to curb the transport of invasive species, specifically didymo ("rock snot")?

Not if saturated with resin.
Could be a problem if left fuzzy.

I’m not sure if it would apply
The felt I used is 100% saturated with epoxy resin, then sanded pretty smooth. I shouldn’t have any issues wiping the canoe down to remove any invasive matter.


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visibility when hull is downstream n upside down ...

paint here roughed in....

Gflex is good with a prepared surface...use masking tape for prep and alongside felt preventing PITA over run cleanup. Leave on 24 hrs cool no sun environment for spray paint masking ...but brush is no problem....snot pebble beach.

are the invasives sun tolerant down the road ?

sun tolerant
Heat apparently does not bother the invasive rock snot but you can reportedly kill the spore cells by freezing your gear. I guess having my neoprene and other kit in the basement chest freezer would not be any grosser than some of the 5 year old food that has languished in it.


Rock snot
Interestingly, researchers in the upper northeast have concluded rock snot is native to VT and NH. Vermont will be revoking its ban on felt soles this summer.