Using greenland paddle

this is how I use my greenland paddle.

Little if any torso rotation.


I find it best if the hands are kept below the elevation of the shoulders.

I also have wider blades on my paddle and a lower stroke rate to maintain my 3.5 mph average.

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I’ve been instructed to use a longer stroke with the GP. You seem to be pulling out the blade very early, as one would with a Euro paddle.

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Don’t know much about GP paddles but your technique looks bad.

Doug Van Doren has recommended that I continue my GP stroke past my hip. Maybe as much as 6" or so.

the footage is taken on a gopro so paddle looks short and angles look different…
if you watch the chest cam footage it shows my true hand position compared to the kayak based cam footage the cam is lower than the paddle so therefore looking up at it…
@Doggy_Paddler the water is choppier than it looks as i was passing over a reef.

@rsevenic the rotation is fine, core is engaged not pulling with my arms…
I don’t need to be 90 degrees to the boat lol…

i have roughly 75+vids on my you tube channel i average 3-4mph and do10+ miles a trip in the sea not a lake or river so not bad f something cam makes look bad lol