Can you use a Kayak Double bladed paddle on a canoe? I’m a beginner with 2 kids age 9 and 6. I have a inexpensive pelican canoe and trying to find out what paddles are best. I’m thinging a T-paddle that can Telescope since my kids are growing and may have a hard time with a larger paddle. What about a Kayak paddle how hard would it be to stear?

Hi Butch. Double paddle versus single:

Pamskee and others turned me on to a good double paddle from Mohawk for my canoe. It’s a great way to solo my Penobscot 16. Here is a link:

For a boat as wide as yours, the 108 inch ought to work well if you hang a center seat. The shorter ones if you turn it around and solo from the front seat.

Consider buying the tee handles too. Great price and gives you additional single paddle options…

Good luck!

The Mohawk paddle is pretty decent when you need a double blade in a canoe. I bought the longest one they make and I’m pretty pleased with it. I don’t use it all that often but when I need a double blade it sure comes in handy.

You will find your canoe much easier to steer with a double-bladed paddle. Because you are paddling equally on both sides, you don’t have to waste energy doing “correction” strokes, and back-ferrying is very easy. Narrow rivers may be difficult to paddle with a long double-blade, especially if a lot of low tree branches.

If you want a lighter paddle, try an
Aquabound Manta Ray. Mowhawk is a good paddle, but heavy. However the T-handle option is nice and the Mowhawk will hold up to kid experiments.

Thanks Guys
I’m going to give it a try. Thanks. I wonder why it’s so hard to find a double bladed paddle that breaks into 2 pieces and you ad the T-handle. I’ll order the one from the link you sent.

Lucky kids!
You’re going to need 2-3 canoes very shortly. You and they will have more fun if you’re not compelled to

be together at all times.

PADDLE: I use a 9’ double paddle 95% of the time in my 14.5’ solo canoe. I carry a single in case I drop the double and for an occasional change of pace. Also useful in narrow places. The lighter the paddle, the better. Steering is a cinch or relative open water, since the paddle length gives tremendous leverage for sweep strokes, either fore or aft. And, as pointed out, you don’t have to be constantly correcting as with a single-just paddle harder or shorter on one side for a stroke or two.

Mohawk here, too
I purchased a Mohawk DBCP and like it a lot. It costs less than the others and is quite sturdy.

Keep the insert clean and it comes apart easily.

I’m going to try cutting mine down to make it shorter.

It’s a tough paddle but heavy compared to the others that are out there.


Could we just have a canoe double blade
discussion forum? There seems to be enough interest.

double bladed paddle with canoes
Double blade paddles were the usual paddle in recreational canoeing, starting in Europe in the 1850’s and in the USA in the 1870’s- 1890’s. Double blade use was mostly dropped in the USA when canoeing became a huge social fad in the very early 1900’s.

I started to use double blade paddles when taking day long trips with my young (now 35) son in a 16’ canoe. His paddling strength was limited and his interest would wax and wane, as with all young kids. We were trying to keep up with the high school kids I was in charge of. A double paddle was necessary for me in the stern. I made one out of two Mohawk single blade paddles. While I have many fine single blade paddles, I’m usually now paddling solo and still prefer a double blade.


Carlisle makes some ok kayaks paddles. You can order extensions to make them longer and they have t grip adapters, and they are a little lighter than the mohawks.

I learned with a single blade, then
switched to a double when I couldn’t kneel. I have more reach, more power, better control with a double blade from a sitting position. I still use single blade strokes, but add some kayak techniques as well. I’m able to paddle stuff that I wouldn’t have been able to paddle with a single blade. I do what works for me.

There’s no such thing as a "canoe"
double blade. Just another name that may be used by marketers for the less informed to assist them in finding things. If it helps, way cool!

There’s no such thing as a kayak paddle.

There’s double paddles and there’s single paddles. Then there’s a myriad of styles and lengths and blades etc. etc. No need for a seperate forum.

I wish we could go paddling (single or double) now!

why not?
I paddle a narrow solo canoe with both and my husband and I have gotten chuckles when we paddled a tandem canoe in a race both of us with double blades! Looked like an insect.

Sure I love a single blade for control and whitewater and quietwater freestyle but when the wind is in my face I like to conquer it with a double. I can make progress with higher wind speeds with a double blade. At 25 mph I am pretty well done with the single but have paddled in a 50 mph gale with a double.

with kayakmedic, I love the single blade too but on those long bay crossings with a nasty headwind you can’t beat paddling with a double blade for speed and control with a solo canoe. This could turn out to be the same argument kayakers have with rudders vs no rudders…

How to deal with double blade drips in
solo canoe? That’s the main thing I don’t like about using a double blade when paddling my solo canoes. I prefer 220cm paddle with my Sawyer Summersong and a 240cm paddle with my Mad River Slipper when double blading and in both situations water drips on my feet and the bottom of the canoe.