using rice paper printouts to decorate a

stitch and glue.

hi y’all,

a while back when i was picking virtual brains for tips and tricks on building my S&G, someone emailed me about using rice paper printouts to transfer designs to the boat.

i can’t find the email fight now (it’s in an old email client) but as i recall, the premise was something along the lines of print the artwork on rice paper, and the rice paper disappears when the fiberglass stuff hits is.

does anyone have more info on the process and/or variations thereof? i want to adapt the process for a different project and need to know more about it. i did a couple of google searches using various keywords, but the results were pretty much cooking-related.

thanks in advance.


Tis True…
Usually done on a laser printer the rice paper will wet out with epoxy.

Ask the same question here…

They are most helpful…

i didn’t even have to post a query.

i simply searched the site:

Not all rice paper the same …
some stuff is just too thick to wet out ‘clear’.

Order here:

This is what we use.

Call or email me if you need printing tips.

Not all inks the same either …
Have done quite a few of this type of thing. Be sure to test your ink and, as Onno said, your paper too.

Most ink used in computer printers is ok. Most pen inks are not, including “permanent” ones like Sharpies. Basically it is “printer’s ink” based stuff that tends to bleed when resin, varnish, etc is applied. A quick test that tends to identify printer’s ink quickly is rubbing alcohol. If alcohol makes it bleed or removes the ink it is very likely printer’s ink.

I thought copiers and computer printers used the same type of inks. We discovered that copies from the professional copy machines at the copy store would run while the ones done on the office computer printer did not. This includes the color inks as well.



Laser printer
Use a laser printer.

Laser printer “ink” is really small beads of plastic the get melted and fused to the paper.

Do not use an ink-jet, as the ink may run, and will fade over time from UV exposure.

Shark Camouflage
The make rice paper decals in a zebra pattern for surfboards that is supposed to make Great Whites leave you alone.

Yeahhh, rightttt, dude