Using Scuba dry suit for paddling

people talk about using paddling dry suit for scuba but I have a scuba dry suit can I use that for paddling its a new light weight and breathable.

PS: its a Pinnacle Freedom 3

SCUBA Dry suit
I see no reason why a scuba dry suit could not be used for paddling. But I don’t understand how you can reverse that. A paddling drysuit has no overpressure release valve, or a way to introduce air into the suit to offset the results of compression as you descend. The result would seem to me to be a very uncomfortable dive. I am constantly putting air into my suit as my depth increases,and dumping air as I ascend. An uncontrolled ascent would result with no way to dump air as it expands as you rise.

Are you sure?
I can’t imagine that that suit is breathable. I’m pretty sure it is not. So for kayaking I’d say the answer is no, if it is not breathable you will be soaking wet from sweat in a very short time. Furthermore, as mentioned above, you can’t scuba in a kayak drysuit.

Good scuba dry suits can be breathable
I don’t know enough about this area to say whether they are as breathable as a paddling dry suit, but if you check you will see ads for higher end breathable dry suits.

Perhaps these are not the suits you wear to dive in Lake George NY in the winter, but they exist.