Using the Go Paddling map

Never been able to figure out how the Go Paddling map works. I click on an area and zoom in to check individual launches. But then I can’t zoom out again for a larger bird’s eye view. Scrolling with the mouse makes the entire page smaller without zooming out. Firefox on Windows PC. Anyone else have this problem?

Same behavior, and the back button doesn’t undo the zoom. Also you can’t add a trip report with pictures there. It seems designed to comment about individual put ins.

Using Edge on a Windows PC there is a zoom in and a zoom out button in the top left corner… also double click zooms in and shift double click zooms out.

To add a trip report you can click on a location point and then click “Add Your Trip”

Hope that helps!

The shift double click trick works in Firefox.

There are no widgets to add pictures anywhere, unlike on the pane that I am typing in right now. Is there a way to add pictures to trip reports?

I have not tried it, but I have seen trip reports with pictures. On the add trip page, near the bottom, I found this:


As I said I have not actually tried it, but hopefully it works :slight_smile:

Are we talking about this?

I’m trying to figure out who maintains that. While browsing it, I found sites that are clearly at the wrong coordinates.

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It is “maintained” by us… such maintenance as it gets. Adding and editing things usually works, getting stuff removed I have never seen happen. There is some oversight by the site owner but not too much.

I really don’t understand how stuff like this happens…Portland, OR in the middle of the Nevada desert:

I’ve never tried to add a site before. I assume you set the location by clicking on the map, or is it done some other way?

Cool! They moved it out near Goldfield. That area needs more people. :laughing:

I have not added a new location either. I access it using my laptop.

To add a new location, I would select add a new location then on the map that is displayed after that you find and click on the correct spot. It helps to zoom way in, to make sure you are in the correct spot.

For the errors like you noticed, try the report an issue link at the very bottom of the location description. I am not sure how responsive the site owner is to that type of report…

Thanks. I probably thought there was nothing but ads and junk that far down on the page, and thus overlooked the “Report” link!

I’ll try it on the locations I spotted that were far off.

First time I noticed that assey. I intend to check the listed sites over the winter. I searched the listed launches last winter to determine whether they were free to paddle craft or favorable for hand launchi g.