Using vynabond

Well, I started to re-outfit my new (used) boat last night. I’ve used contact cement before and it is quite easy to work with. Last night was my first time using vynabond; it’s not quite as forgiving. I used a little squeegee type piece of minicell to do the spreading, starting out applying lines of glue over about half the patch and then tried to evenly spread it out. This stuff does not spread nicely like this, it dries much too quickly. What I found worked the best was to apply a little glue (large pea sized drop), spread it out then apply more glue to the adjacent area and spread again, etc. In the end I probably had to use 50% more glue than necessary to get full surface coverage. I used the heat gun method, very carefully!, and everything seemed to bond very well. Now if we’d only get some damn rain around here!!!

spreading vynabond
I usualy use my index finger. Same way I used to paint in kindergarden.

Just be sure it’s dry to tacky before you put stuff together otherwise the solvent will soften up your roylex.

I junked the foam
squegee and used my finger to spread it. Again, I worked small amounts at a time and this worked much better than my previous attempt.