Using "Yak" stacks or "J" cradles...

for canoes.

Has anyone ever carried a canoe on it’s side using them, and how did it work out ?



Jack, I have read several times
that canoes are weak on their sides, which makes sense.Trying to get 4 boats on the truck now?

kayak on side

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I have the Thule Hull A Ports ( think thats what they're called ), they are the Thule J-style carriers that carry the kayak not quite 100% on side, but say 90% on the side. I can carry two on my VW Golf. Works fine. The farthest I have gone with a larger boat is about 200 miles with my old school Aquaterra Chinook on top, in Kansas wind. Did fine. Highway speed. For safety sake, I had the boat tied front and aft to tow hooks under the car as well, did not want my rack departing when a semi blew by me the other direction at 70mph, but I think this would be common sense with any rack and a large boat on a small car if you were doing highway travel. To the lake 10 min from my house, I don't usually tie the ends down as I never exceed 45 mph and have had zero issues.

Sorry, I guess this is what happens early in the AM when you are not paying attention. I just realized you are asking about canoes, not kayaks. My bad. Time to start paying attention. Anyway, I will tell you that changes things. I would not recommend my J-setup with a canoe. Just having used the setup for kayaks, I get the feeling this would not be a wise idea. The canoe, being open, would likely catch more wind on its side, stressing the rack and J-parts. Also, the J parts do not allow for a very deep boat without putting stress on it, and although a kayak barely fits, I think a canoe is too deep and the J parts would put inordinate stress on the small area where the boat meets them. To each their own, but knowing my rack, I wouldn't do it.


I’ve seen plenty of folks hauling whitewater canoes on their sides using stackers. A lot of those are composite slalom boats. Never heard of any problems with that.

I wouldn’t think twice about it with royalex boats or boats with substantial gunnels.

I would be cautious hauling light weight composite boats with light weight gunnels (ie marathon boats) that way. At least make sure any contact was near a thwart.

thinking of next season’s sojourn to Florida.

I would like to take two K-1’s, a K-2 and a canoe.

I jokingly put that post on the other forum a few weeks ago about a double decker vehicle rack, but I am seriously thinking of fabricating one.

The two layers probably wouldn’t be any higher than the height of my travel trailer.

I have had four boats on before, but the top one was precariously just strapped on top of two of the others.

But I was curious about a canoe on a set of J cradles or Yak stacks