USK DVDs....would love opinions

What do you guys think of the University of Sea Kayaking DVD series?

have 2

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I have the Derek Hutchison "Outside the Cockpit" and the ABC of Surf Zones.

Derek Hutchison's I found to be a bit slow. Good skills, of course, but I guess not ones that translate well into a video (unless you have some way you can watch the video while you are paddling).

ABC of Surf Zones is something like 3 hours long, but is all worth it. Seemed slow at first, reviewing safety and basic skills. But overall, it does give the knowledge you need to start working your way into the surf zone.

I have a bunch of them
The first ones I got were the “Rescue and Recovery” ones on VHS. Bought them a long time ago and have watched them half a dozen times. I think that they are very well done.

I thought that Derek Hutchinson’s one was pretty basic and was a bit disappointed.

I have the ABC’s of Surf one and have watched that one several times as well.

Overall I am very pleased with them and have recommended them to several fellow paddlers as good learning tools.

I have all of them including the latest
one on bracing. I think they are great, but I need to disclose that Wayne Horodowich is a friend and that I appear in one of them.

That said, I’ve paid full retail price for all except the one that I’m in and I don’t get any rewards for saying this.

Pretty good
They are pretty good videos, perhaps with the exception of the Outside the Cockpit video.

The are provide a ton of information (almost too much), but they are pretty darn cheesy…but I can overlook that.

I recommend them.


First two reviews on this list.

Helped me a lot
I had a bad sprained ankle and was out of commission, i bought the rescue/recovery and beyond the cockpit and watched and re-watched them and feel I really benefited from my time with them.

When I was able to move the kayak onto the truck and into the water again, I did go out on my once a week calm water practice and run through some of the beyond the cockpit drills, and that was fun, but I made no connection about the reason the skills were necessary until I took a surf zone class and got their surfzone video. Now I am back watching the beyond the cockpit with a better understanding of what benefit those skills are for.